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How are we going to send you
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We own 20 groups on Facebook and 15 major blogs in Europe and US. Furthermore, we have more than 300.000 twitter followers worldwide.

We also have several channels on Youtube where we usually place website reviews for the UK, Europe and US visitors. Each video accumulates approximately 20-30 thousand views daily!

We are ready to send you up to 15000 visitors on a monthly basis using our strong advertising channels. Plus we are ready to improve your overall rating on all sales platforms by working on targeted keywords, best titles and descriptions of your products.

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How it Works

The trial

You complete a 3 second form. We examine your Website/Shop/Listing and let you know that your campaign have started.

3 Sources
of Traffic

We divide your campaign into 3 phases.
1.Social networking sites
3.Youtube reviews of your products.


The traffic flow starts within in 24-48 hrs. It will take a couple of days to see a significant boost from blogs and about 10-12 days from video reviews.


Each day we will get you 100-150 stable unique visitors to your Shop, Website or listing.

Long-term collaboration

You see how your sales spring up, and at the end of the 14day trial, you'll most likely say: "Yes, I want to work with you, guys!"

Yes I want to receive 3000 unique visitors now!

We are sure- 3000 views for Free is a way to make you our client.

We want to show you REAL results, so you know 
how to attract new buyers at an affordable price!

Promotion of Online Shops, Websites and Listings is Our Main Specialization

We charge £49/month for 3000 unique views for  
it’s about £1.6 per day for 100-150 unique views/day
(less than a Cappucinno in Starbucks

Check out how many visitors get few of our clients.

user: onlyclickshop
±110-200 visitors/day
(200-250 new sales / month)

if he bought it in adWords,
it would cost him
£82 a day

if he bought it on Facebook,
he would get it for
£56 a day

With Us it Costs


user: xardilondon
±90-130 visitors/day
(120-150 new sales/month)

if he bought it in adWords,
it would cost him
£39 a day

if he bought it on Facebook,
he would get it for
£34 a day

With Us it Costs


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